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Excellent Reflexology Session Ted is an excellent body work practitioner. He is skilled, knowledgeable and makes you feel immediately at ease. I am so happy to have found someone of his caliber and will definitely make this a regular practice.
Reflexology Ted is a great professional and human being. He takes his time and apply all his knowledge. It was such a nurturing time for myself. I highly recommend him.
Better than psychotherapy I find body work to be more beneficial than psychotherapy. We carry everything in our bodies. And Ted knows how to zoom in on it. He is skilled, intuitive, and sensitive to the client's needs. I've been three times now and plan to be a regular. It's worth the money.
A wonderful experience From the moment I walked into Ted Schiffs office, until I left I left, I felt very comfortable and welcomed. Unlike other massage therapists I've seen in the past, Ted offers so many different options. There's something for everyone.
Kristin Bock
A Unique and Relaxing Experience! Ted used techniques from different kinds of massage, which included thai massage, shiatsu and deep tissue work. He is genuinely interested in his patients and approaches them from a holistic standpoint. I left feeling well cared for and very very relaxed! Thank you, Ted!
Amazing Excellent
Sharon Chaput
Excellent for chronic pain I tried the neuromuscular massage and was blown away. This is the first time the effects of a massage lasted beyond the massage! Decreased pain and increased flexibility after one session.
Craniosacral and reflexology This was my first time going to Ted for a massage-- I got a craniosacral massage and liked that he checked in with my body/energy with reflexology first. In the craniosacral work he would migrate to energy work and back to crania manipulation. After a long and stressful day of work I was initially having trouble relaxing into it, but he put me at ease by following what was intuitively needing attention. I felt the powerful effects of the energy work he did days later-- clearly he helped unlock something! Definitely will book again and am open to trying his other forms of massage.
Excellent Highly recommend Ted's unique combination of table Thai massage, shiatsu and reflexology. Physically, mentally, emotionally & spiritually balancing and restorative. Truly a master at his craft.
Laura McLean
Body work Awesome
Rachel Majka
Body Manipulation Outstanding job. Help with a back issue that I have been dealing with. Learned allot and got allot out of our session. Can't wait to go back again
Fantastic Ted was great, and the massage was fantastic. I am new to the world of bodywork and I know what I'll be treating myself to moving forward.
great bodywork from great guy Ted is a kind and down-to-earth guy who does wonderful massage/bodywork. He is attuned to what an individual needs/wants, and is a pleasure to work with.
William Driscoll
Great therapy for my painful back I made an appointment for a massage and after talking to the therapist he recommended reflexology treatment, I was hesitant because I never experienced that treatment But as he worked his art he explained what he was doing and how it would help me.I felt great pain relief immediately after his treatment and days after I still feel the benefits. Great experience and I expect to make regular visits and definitely recommend his treatments to friends and family. My DR.of many years approved when I told him.
Jeff Bankman
Massage number 50? Thanks Ted for another great massage! It was just what I needed to help prep my body prior to my week long ski mountaineering trip next week. Keep up the good work!
Massage was awesome My Neck and shoulders feel much better. I will be scheduling a appt. Soon. Thanks Ted .
Nice strong intuitive touch Ted gives attention to all the muscles that need it. He is respectful and kind
Unusually creative approach I had my 1st session with Ted yesterday and it was a real treat. He spent time with me really inquiring about my health issues and my goals for the session, and he was able to suggest an alternative approach to bodywork that I had never considered and that I now want more of! I have been to a lot of folks over the years, but Ted was definitely different - and I will return! That said, he would be great for the person who just wants to lie down and vege out, too!
Celinda Woo
Reflexology Massage My massage or my "body work " was amazing! Ted incorporates a few different massage styles into one very relaxing massage session. The 5 elements philosophy is quite interesting. I will continue to work with Ted to maintain an equal "zen" balance!
Thanks, Ted Thanks for getting my sacrum unstuck!
Wonderful Massage Ted was very knowledgeable and was magic with his hands - my neck and feet agree! Thanks I will be back!
Lou Canelli
Transcendent I had never even heard of reflexology before experiencing its magic through Ted. I don't need a frame of reference to know that he's masterful with it, and the best word I can think of to describe how I felt throughout it is transcendent. I meditate - poorly - but I meditate, and as I tried to do it during the massage, it felt like I was transported to another realm. That might sound hyperbolic, but I ran into a former student on the street shortly after the treatment, and she said, "you look like you're on another planet right now." Yep. I don't think I've ever felt so relaxed. Granted, it doesn't take much to get me there, but Ted was a wonderful catalyst. If I were living in the area longer, I'd see him regularly. At the very least, he's turned me onto reflexology, and I thank him dearly for that.
Wonderful! The massage I received is exactly what my body needed! I felt so relaxed! Cannot wait to go again! :)
Masterful Bodywork I have been seeing Ted for Integral Acupressure for about 2 years. His work has helped me immensely with my recovery from a spine injury and TMJ. He is highly professional, caring, and careful with my injuries and yet is able to go deep into the problem areas and release them. He is respectful and sustains excellent ethical boundaries, which provides a safe space in which to relax and heal in each and every session. He is outstanding in the ethics of bodywork. Ted is able to draw upon his extensive training in many aspects of bodywork and apply them to individual needs and preferences. He is passionate about the work and continuing to gain knowledge and increase his skillset. He has great stamina and strength and can work on people who need deep work and sustain his ability through a two hour session. A rare capacity. I recommend Ted's work to anyone who has subtle knowledge of the body and wants to be worked on by a master level bodyworker.
Just like magic! Ted is a master of massage and MANY healing and bodywork skills and gifts. If you want to work with a master of energy and bodywork, Ted is an outstanding choice.
Great massage Ted Schiff was very friendly and gave me a great massage. I instantly felt better after. He is definitely skilled and dedicated to his work. I would highly recommend.
30 plus years of receiving professional massages My SO was so nice to get me a massage from Ted to help me with shoulder pain. I've seen Ted twice and had body work done. He's excellent on honing in on a problem area and I could feel his expertise. His work is wonderful and professional. I would highly recommend his services.
a different experience VM uses a different technique where the massage is performed fully clothed. I left feeling great - and not greasy.
Always feel better Ted does a nice job with his body work. He adjusts techniques to accommodate how my body responds or to what I request. He is creative and engaging and has a passion for his work and helping his clients. I have gone to him several times and will return again. Thank you.
Awesome Ted was amazing. He is a great guy who is very personable and responds exactly to what your body needs. I've only ever had swedish massages or spa massages before, but Ted opened my eyes to so many other types, that have longer lasting effects.
Bodywork by Ted Review of Theodore Schiff One of the best, truly therapeutic massages I've ever had. Ted is a gifted and highly professional practitioner and an artist in his work. He treats your body not as a "dough" with all the same strokes. He feels every muscle and changes the stroke pressure and even changes the massaging technique depending on the muscles response and what he feels under his fingers. Ted treats the body as a whole from the very tip of every toe to the crown of the head. During the session with Ted I've received not just a massage but a comprehensive bodywork the results of which I felt for days after the session.
Integrated acupressure My first time at VMT and with Ted. He recommended trying this different massage and what a pleasant surprise how it made my body feel. Massage doesnt have to be oil and traditional. Ted was professional and knowledgeable. I definitely will return.
Charlotte Schwab
Excellent Excellent
Deep massage What a deep and effective massage. Unique techniques and totally therapeutic. It was a great experience.
great massage I went to Ted for a massage due to back pain. He was very attentive and asked me several questions about my pain. I had had a massage a few weeks earlier with another masseuse and had been very disappointed because that massage consisted only of rubbing oil on my back with no pressure or kneading. Ted listened to me and he responded with deep massage. He also listened when I told him to lighten up the pressure due to it being a bit too much. I recommend him to anyone who has any back issues. He's very friendly and easy to work with.
Happy first timer I have never had a professional massage before and the experience was amazing. Ted has a calm and soothing demeanor and made me feel comfortable in spite of the fact that I had no idea what to expect. He obviously has an extensive knowledge and understanding of what he is doing. It was a relaxing, soothing and pleasurable experience. I typically experience some numbness and tingling in my arms at night while sleeping, and since the massage it hasn't occurred!
Amanda Dixon
Acupuncture and Reflexology You do not realize how tense and tight your muscles are until Ted starts working on them. He is fantastic, very personable, kind and puts you at ease. Wonderful work out for your body and something everyone should try and put on their calendar like the car service, dentist etc. Highly recommended.
Deborah Decker
Fantastic I had the most wonderful body work session to begin 2016 in good shape. Deep tissue work left me feeling great and I still feel great today. I will definitely recommend this therapy.
Fantastic! I got an hour massage with Ted a few weeks ago and had a fantastic experience! He was extremely knowledgable and I felt very comfortable. It was just what I was hoping for after a long week! I will definitely plan another massage with Ted!
Highly personalized approach Ted did a great job of interviewing me prior to my session. He determined my needs, expectations and what modality would work best. I really appreciate this custom approach.
Melissa Osborne
Therapeutic and Intuitive Professional and Intuitive touch, one of the best massage therapists in the valley and multifaceted in his offerings.
Great and very professional I had a great experience, he was very gentle and worked where i told him i need it the most. Time was great and i will sure go back.
Great work! Very in tune with my needs and concerns. AN overall great first experience!
Sarah m
Simply the best First time ever having body work done. Hopefully not the last. I enjoyed how friendly, kind, gentle and educated Ted was. I felt so welcomed and comfortable. Different is Good. If I could I'd definately go monthly or bi weekly even. I will definately be back. thank you again So much!
Jeff Bankman
Just what I needed I am very thankful for finding Ted. He is a fantastic listener. I was able to tell him my story and I feel confident that the game plan he put together will be instrumental in the road to bodily recovery. I feel that I have finally found the right person to help me and his attention to detail is superb. I can't wait for my next session!
ms Ted is a compassionate gentleman. His work gives you a relaxed feeling . He treats you with respect and seems to know his clients needs.
Lynne Feinberg
Real Bodywork After 2 session with Ted, I am standing, moving, digesting and sleeping better. I certainly felt the benefits of his work with me after the first session - after the 2nd, I think my super powers are returning. Ted listens with attention and kindness, and the work is specific and effective. Glad I found him...
Ruth Bernstein
Reflexology Excellent session. I felt invigorated immediately. I am looking forward to my next session.
Valley Massge Always leave feeling as though I am much improved !
Valley Massge Always feel better after 90 minutes of Ted's work..tailored to my needs.
Valley Massge Enjoy the range of options that Ted provides and his expertise !
90 minutes bodywork A couple of days ago I went to Tedd for a 90 minutes session. Before he started the massage, he asked me several questions to understand my needs. Tedd is a fantastic chiropractor, and a very genuinely nice person. He really helps you to feel comfortable whatever pose you have to hold. After the massage, which was a mix of Thai, acupressure and reflexology, I felt very well. As if he took away all the tension from my body. Tedd is the best! I strongly recommend him!
Amazing Experience I have only received one massage before and was not sure I liked it very much because I was so se4lf-conscious. This experience with Ted was completely amazing!!!!! I felt so comfortable and safe that I have already booked a two hour for next week. I believe I found the person who can help me with my fibromylgia and migranes. Yeah!
Great work! Ted gave me a great full-body acupressure session when I came in with lower back pain. By the next day the pain was considerably relieved, although I was a bit sore from the work. Would recommend Ted for his work and his professionalism.
Full body focused on the back Ted is very nice guy who really knows how to do a great massage. I got a full body massage with the focus on my back where I had a pain. I felt myself as a newborn afterward :)
Great He took the time to listen and delivered the perfect balance for relaxation
Steve weber
Reflexology Ted is the best I feel great after I get off the table true believer thanks Steve
Reflexology and Shoulder Massage My session with Ted was terrific. He made me feel completely at ease, and I walked out of there on clouds. I Highly recommend this.
Valley Massge Feel as though time on Ted's table is invaluable !! Always feel so much better post treatment.
Valley Massge Always feel better after spending time on Ted's table. His use of multiple modalities is tuned to my needs :)
Valley Massge Always feel better after time on Ted's table :)
Valley Massge Always feel better after spending time on Ted's table !!
Great massage Great massage. My body felt completely relaxed after the session. Very thorough.
Great Reflexology Treatment I thoroughly enjoyed my session with Ted and definitely felt less tension & more at ease when I left. Thank you Ted for treating my feet right! Also loved the neck & shoulder attention at the end of our session.
Richard Seelig
I have less pain! My Swedish massage alleviated my sciatic pain for a while; I should do this more often.
Perfect Very helpful. This guy clearly knew what he was doing, and I must visit him again soon.
relief very skilled, a pleasure to work with
Review on Integrated Accupressure Firstly, Ted Schiff is an amazing masseuse. He is extremely professional and he is skilled in a variety of massage techniques. After speaking with you briefly on what your body is experiencing (discomfort, tension etc) Ted then customizes your massage session to what you are in need of and he incorporates different techniques in order to alleviate your body's aches and pains. I have tried a few other masseuses before and have found that they employ a "cookie cutter" approach to their clients. Regardless of what your body's needs may be, their clients are given the safe, run-of-the-mill massage. This is definitely not the case with Ted Schiff. My body and mind both felt amazingly good after leaving Ted's office for a 1.5 hour integrated accupressure session. I had been having trouble with tension throughout my body due to a lifestyle that had included: . lifting free weights at the gym 4 days a week . working on my feet at a high-paced environment . nursing an injured right knee due to a problematic patella After a session with Ted, my body felt reset. I drank a cup of water right after and I could almost "feel" the water flowing to "re-opened" parts of my body. I plan on seeing Ted Schiff more regularly. New clients, please take advantage of the Groupon deal that Ted offers online, but please remember to tip him for his work, as you are getting MUCH more than your money's worth. Don't think twice about visiting Ted for a massage session nor about either buying a loved one a groupon deal or a gift certificate for a massage. It is TOTALLY worth it.
Kurt Mengel
Staying flexible and loose I work out with free weights,run, elliptical and ski in the winter to stay in shape. I become very tight and locked up. Ted's deep tissue and ty massage gives me instant relief, his massage is the best I've had counting many other masseuse's.I bought a rumble roller from Ted it is great. The times I use it the massage on the worked area gets instant relief and my back "clicks" back into place with it. Ted helps me so much to be pain free.Keeps me skiing @ 55 years old!
Ben G
Ted is a massage genius. He delivers the most client-focused, effective massage with a perfect touch.
The massage was outstanding very stimulating conversation during the session my back and hips are good need to do that every week I feel great a week later
Valley Massge Always feel better after a 90 minute session ! Amazing practioner.
Valley Massage Absolutely always feel better after time spent with Ted !!
Valley Massge Ted does an amazing job of figuring the best approach to what my needs are. Always feel better after time on the table.
Valley Massge Feel that the importance of regular bodywork is very beneficial and know that for me it has helped maintain health and vigor.
Valley Massge Ted is very caring and professional. His variety of practice has been wonderful! Highly recommend his services.
Valley Massge Ted does a phenomenal job of working out sore areas and always leave feeling better !!
Valley Massge Always feel that time spent on Ted's table is invaluable to my well- being ! Thanks for being a great practitioner .
Very Helpful I have found Ted's reflexology work to be incredibly helpful and beneficial. He is professional and personable...very easy to work with.
Wonderful and Healing!! I recently visited Ted for a 2 hour Swedish massage. Due to a lot of recent stress and a 3,000 mile move, the 2 hours was very necessary! Ted was personable, polite and had such a calm and relaxed demeanor. He was able to help me with sleep issues, stress reduction and an overall sense of equanimity. I plan to visit Ted a lot over the next year and will happily refer him to all my friends!! I lucked out by finding him.
Wonderful work! Ted did an amazing job making me feel comfortable, checking in with me and making sure my needs were being met, and really giving my body the work that it needed! I got an Integrative acupressure session, very different from your typical massage. It had massage elements, and was relaxing, but was also quite invigorating and really felt like I was part of it, rather than just lying there being along for the ride and not having input. It's hard to explain, but, you have to try it to believe it! It felt incredible and loosened up parts of my body I didn't REALIZE were so knotted up! Highly recommend Ted Schiff's work, he's kind and very knowledgeable and intuitive also.
Great Body Work The body work I got was really great and helped alleviate some of the stress of work and a hectic life. I sincerely recommend Theodore's services.
Valley Massage Always feel better after spending time on Ted's table ! Works on what's needed with a variety of modalities. Great session !!
Valley Massage Therapy Always feel amazing after 90 minute mixed modality and Ted's excellent treatment !!
Judy Z
Valley Massage Find that this therapist is amazing at finding what's going on and working to help resolve through wonderful bodywork.
Roxy S.
Therapeutic Bodywork Hard to call this a "massage". Ted will move your body into yoga-style positions and wake up your muscles, while stretching them from stagnant positions. He has a thorough understanding of the human body, and will tell you more than you ever knew about your body. I think I left a inch taller.
Gary Powsner
Terrific massage Ted is great. He used techniques that I'd never experienced before. It was very different from virtually any other massage I've received, which is a lot. He knows how to get to the root of the issue, not just treat the presenting symptoms.
great experience I went to Ted for reflexology for the first time. I am astonished with the changes I've noticed after just on session. Highly recommended.
Jen B.
Versatile and talented massage therapist Ted does great work. He's caring, intuitive, and an interesting person too. Great Thai massage. Recommended!
Judy Z
Valley Massage Always feel that time spent on Ted's table is well worth it !! He utilizes a variety of treatment modalities to ensure that needs are met. Thanks !
valley massage Ted is a very congenial therapist and spends several minutes before a session chatting to find out what work needs to be done. The session is very pleasant and relaxing. I felt rejuvenated when I left.
Jason G
2nd thai yoga session I saw ted for my 2nd thai yoga session. It was a great relaxing full body experience. I am impressed with the various techniques that he uses along with specific stretches, during these sessions and I highly suggest thai yoga massage if you haven't yet tried it.
Feeling re-energized and relaxed Had a fantastic acupressure session with Ted Schiff this week. Was really impressed with the time he took assessing problem areas and personalizing the experience. Couldn't recommend more fervently!
Integrated accupressure Exactly what i needed! I am always in my feet and moving heavy objects, the movement and reflexology mixed with shiatsu and accupressure helped tear down and rebuild my sore muscles! Thanks!
Incredible Massage! Ted is a magnificent practitioner of therapeutic massage! I generally don’t write Yelp reviews, although I find them incredibly helpful, and since my massage experience with Ted was so exceptional, I feel compelled to spread the word. Ted has a strong and grounded approach with the body, while also being incredibly intuitive and in a deeply therapeutic capacity. I chose the integrated acupressure massage after discussing my bodywork goals with Ted and feel that this style incorporated the best of everything, as far as massage goes. I am a huge fan of multiple modalities of massage work (deep tissue, Thai-massage, acupressure, reflexology, etc.) and have to say that this was one of the best massages I’ve ever received! I could feel instantly that his work was guided by not only years of advanced training and experience, but from a truly gifted and healing energy. You can tell that Ted is very passionate about his art and he puts his heart and soul into it. I highly recommend Ted and I can't wait for opportunity to go back for my next session!
1st timer Ted is a master. I had never had a non-swedish/relaxation type of massage but he opened me up to a whole new world of what massage can be. He used an array of techniques and I left feeling completely energized. He's a true professional. Don't hesitate to give him a try.
Judy Z
Awesome place ! I am always relaxed and comfortable in Ted's office. Feel better always following 90 minutes of a combination of massage, cupping and reflexology.
kristie L
different than your usual massage! Ted really listens to whats going on with your body and makes recommendations for what kind of body work would benefit you most. had a great session yesterday, look forward to returning!
Judy Z
Last visit ! Ted did an amazing job working on sore, stiff knees !! Felt better after and continue to feel better !! Thank you for great work :)
Miracle worker Ted is amazing! He is the only person who has been able to help me with my chronic headaches and neck and back issues. Recently purchased a rumble roller by him and love it! Totally recommend him and any of his products!! He knows what he's doing! Very knowledgeable!
Kathleen M
Nice session I enjoyed my session with Ted. He was informative, energetic and effective. I have had a few massages over the years, but unlike his. He used a variety of techniques to address issues from my head to my toes, in a comprehensive style.I felt comfortable and confident I was in good hands. The conversation was compelling also. I will return and encourage others to do the same. Thank you.
Rumble roller Neck and back
Jason G
Thia Yoga Massage Review of Theodore Schiff I had never tried Thai yoga massage until this past week, or never heard much about it for that matter. I found it to be just as relaxing as being on the table. Ted has incredible experience and passion for this type of body work and it shows. He knows what he is doing and I suggest to everyone to try this technique!
True meaning of bodywork I have had two sessions with Ted so far and am blown away! The first session began with a verbal intake of my current health situation & needs. I knew within the first 10 minutes that he understood & respected the limitations of my body & my wishes for the session and he intuited what modalities would best meet those needs. It's clear Ted has a deep passion for the work he does, a real commitment to the well being of his clients, and a level of professionalism and experience hard to find anywhere else in the Valley.
Unique Bodywork I have had hundreds of massages around the world and this stands out as one of the most remarkable ones. From Ted's personality to the quality of the bodywork itself - Ted has an impressive range of styles and techniques that he calls upon - I was hugely impressed by the session and highly recommend his services.
Judy Z
Valley Massage Always feel better after a multi- modality session with Ted ! As a frequent customer. cannot speak highly enough :)
Judy Z
Valley Massage Always feel better after a visit to Ted's...treatment is tailored to whatever I may need at that time.
Kristin L Celano
Valley Massage experience I had a wonderful and effective experience with Ted and his practice. He listened to my ailments and needs and built a custom program that was effective. I can't wait to get back!
Kathy W
Wonderful 90 minutes! thanks for a great massage. I loved the new power tool you really gave my muscles a workout!
Ted is great! Ted's multimodal approach to wellness and healing is excellent. His friendly demeanor and down-to-earth personality is genuine. I am impressed with his true interest in listening to his clients without taking from the time he spends on the body work. I would highly recommend!
Reflexology and Accupressure Session--Fabulous I had a wonderful body work session with Ted. I received acupressure and reflexology, and was impressed with Ted's sensitivity to what my body required. I will definitely return for future sessions as often as I can!
Sarah D
Wonderful Experience I have suffered from muscle tension and knots in my neck, back, and shoulders since October. I went in for a massage but was open to try whatever might relieve some of the knotting and pain. Ted recommended integrated body work and did not waste any time really getting to the core of the problem. My body feels a million times better and I feel I got more relief with that one massage than with any other I have had in the area, professional and otherwise. He also listened to my stresses and problems that have led to the buildup up of this tension and was very understanding and compassionate. Wonderful experience all around, and very helpful for body and mind.
Donna W
Best Bodywork ever at Valley Massage Therapy! I have been seeing Ted Schiff for about 6 weeks for spasmodic back pain. I had gone to the ER and seen another Dr and was prescribed pain killers and relaxers. I didn't like the feeling i had on the meds, I wasn't getting better, so I sought out Ted on the recommendation of a friend. I have experienced amazing changes over the past weeks...tremendous improvement. My back is so much better, especially when I think back how I could hardly get up on the table at my first visit. Ted is passionate about his work, a really caring and talented individual who zeros in on your specific needs. Ted has done reflexology on my feet while educating me about the effect of the work. His acupressure is healing and the massage relaxing. It's a process, not something that is a cure all overnight, but I would encourage anyone to seek Ted out and let him work his well educated magic. You won't regret it and you will feel so much better. By the way, you stay fully clothed during the treatments.
Jason G
Just what I needed Review of Theodore Schiff After feeling tightness through my back hips and through my legs I was over do for receiving bodywork. Ted is very intuitive, and more experienced than I have contacted. He knows exactly what he is doing and what techniques are best for me to see the best results.
Bodywork tailored to your body. Ted started my initial visit by talking to me for 5-10 minutes about what sort of muscle issues I had going on. I really got the impression that he was interested in hearing what I had to say and to devise a plan that would address my situation as best as possible. He explained that he offers a few different forms of bodywork and believes in tailoring what he does to fit the patient, as opposed to trying to fit the patient into a certain type of bodywork. In the end, Ted decided that it would be most beneficial to utilize three different forms of bodywork for my particular situation. 90 minutes later, I felt like the muscular tension I had when I initially entered the office was entirely gone. It was hands down the best massage I have received and I look forward to going back in order to get my body back to where it should be, relaxed and tension free. I highly recommend Valley Massage Therapy!
Donna W
Relief I had been in severe back pain, seen 2 physicians with very different approaches. I was refered to Ted by a good friend. I was given reflexology and acupressure for 90 min. I walked out of his office like a new person. Though I still have some discomfort I will continue to seek his technique which focuses on specific body areas affecting the back muscles. I highly recommend Ted not only for his expertise and knowledge of this ancient technique, but for his gentle and sincere approach to the patient.
Candice J
Best massage experience ever! I am a long time sufferer of migraine headaches, a busy mother of 2 and full time school counselor. Needless to say, I lead a stressful life. My experience with Ted was awesome. He took the time to really listen to what I needed and throughout the massage checked in with me to ensure I was feeling comfortable. Much of what he talked to me about were things I had also heard from my chiropractor which reinforced my comfort level with him. I am happy to say this is the first massage I've had where I am looking forward to coming back. Ted is knowledgable, easy to talk to and willing to do whatever kind of massage you are feeling your body needs at the time.
Jacqueline F
5 star service Ted is amazing. I felt so much more relaxed after my massage. I am referring Ted to many people and handing out his cards.
Ryan F
Great Bodywork Session Ted is an amazing body worker. He helps my body heal more than any other method I've tried to use. Very highly recommended as I drive 1 hour to enjoy his touch!
JoAnn R
Swedish Massage and Cupping Session I tried cupping for the first time in conjunction with a Swedish Massage. I have never felt my back and neck this since I was in my twenties! I would much rather have this bodywork done, than popping ibuprofen every day. Try this ancient technique - it's worth it.
Best massages ever! Ted is very skilled at what he does and you can guarantee an awesome head and neck massage for sure! Also, I had my first acupressure experience with him as well and I can't wait to do another one! I am honest to a fault most of the time, so please take my word for it and set up an appointment with him at least once and you will not be disappointed.
Tara S
First timer I recently decided to try reflexology. I hit the jackpot when I found Ted. It was a great session. The office is clean and he is professional. I felt energetic for the rest of the day!
Jason G
Great Body work I saw Ted earlier this week and was impressed with all the different types of stretching techniques that he had used. I also experienced the Hot cupping method as he thought they would work best for my symptoms. Having never tried them, it was interesting to feel them as being comfortable and relaxing. The effects of treatment is still lasting.
Martha S
Accupressure Session Ted had suggested the Accupressure. He hit every trigger spot which needed work. The feeling of getting out of bed without pain going on day 7 has been a wonderful relief.
Defiantly coming again! Awesome session! Ted is very knowledgeable and extremely friendly. He answered all the questions I had and walked me through everything so that I felt comfortable.
Leann K
Acupressure I have been having some major back issues and since I have been going to Valley Massage, my back is feeling much better and I am not having so many issues with it. The Acupressure that I have been receiving from Valley Massage has been helping me out with my back. I haven't had to take any pain medicines in over a month, to help with the back relief.
Jason G
Completely Relaxing I saw Ted for a Cranio-Sacral massage, not knowing exactly what to expect I was amazed at the way I felt as I had left. Incredibly relaxing and mentally relieving and peaceful. I could feel the therapeutic effects of this treatment for the next couple of days. I recommend this treatment to anyone!
Judy Z
9 Always enjoy time on the table and feel better for the work that Ted does!!
Julie Dzialo
Absolutely Superb! By far one of the best massage therapists/reflexologists I have even been too. I feel like a million bucks after a session. Very affordable considering Teds skill, knowledge & healing hands! The time & effort he puts in to each session is incomparable. I would recommend him to everyone! Happy customer!
Back Ted is a very knowledgeable nice guy who genuinely wants to help u. Give him a go b4 u jump into any type of surgery.
Judy Z
Bodywork review You can't go wrong seeing Ted ! Has a wonderful way of making you comfortable and making sure the session is what you need.
excellent reflexology I highly recommend anyone looking to have reflexology or a massage to see Ted Schiff. His level of experience and love for his work are clearly evident. My feet and whole body truly benefited from the reflexology. I will be going back in the future.
Excellent session with Ted I went to see Ted for the first time recently for a massage and my first reflexology session and was left feeling loose, stretched and relaxed. Ted was very respectful and has very strong hands and a passion for his work. Highly recommend him!
Kimberly L
Great Thoroughly enjoyed working with Ted. I have gone back and plan to continue working with him. He is responsive to what you need and my muscles thank him for that!
Great Experience! I happened upon Ted's practice looking for bodywork and was amazed by how accommodating he was to my personal needs and requests. Ted does amazing work and I will definitely be a repeat customer!
Gonen D
Great Massage Ted's massage are great. I've tried many in the area, and he is the only one I think worth going back to.
Lizzie M
great massage Ted Schiff was very friendly, knowledgable and helpful. We discussed the many different styles of massage that he practices and what could help me the most in the long run. I have been feeling much better and would recommend him to anyone whom is looking for some pain/stress relief or needing bodywork. I had an overall very pleasant experience.
Tanja N
great massage! I received a Groupon from a friend as a gift last Holiday Day season and I made an appointment with Ted. I was warmly welcomed and had a great massage. Ted is very professional and highly sensitive to his clients needs.
Mel B
Great Massage Ted is a great massage therapist. He was a very good listener and knowledgeable in his area. I was very stressed out and tired and was having headaches and the massage helped me a lot. I am glad I used the Groupon. I will definitely go back.
Great reflexology the foot work was lovely... felt energized and relaxed after the session
Great Session I had my first Reflexology session with Ted and it was really enjoyable. He is very engaged with what he does, and has happy to share a lot of information about the origins and details surrounding this discipline which I knew little about prior to my visit. It was a very positive experience.
Great session I had an excellent reflexology session. I appreciated the expertise and relaxing, caring atmosphere.
Great work! Found Ted on the Internet Cold call. So glad I did. Fantastic work. Thanks Ted!
Courtney N
Great work! The reflexology session was great! I recommended it to a few friends!
Rebecca S
Intuitive Ted gives an amazing massage,he is very intuitive and skilled in his modalities.
Jason G
Loosened up Ted did great trigger point techniques for me and he knew how to relax tight muscles that had been bothering me for a while. Looking forward to my next session with him.
Terry Ann H
Massage I had a very relaxing massage with Ted Schiff. The tightness was released and I feel much better. I highly recomment Ted.
Amy W
massage and reflexology had an AMAZING first session with ted. really needed some bodywork after going illness and family loss. ted's golden hands really put some life back into me.
Kristie L
massage/reflexology looking forward to returning! Ted is great!
Kate M.
Massage Therapist Ted Schiff I have found Ted to be widely experienced with various massage therapy approaches. He is tuned in to what your body needs and has a very calm, comfortable approach as a massage therapist. His office is also very comfortable and easy to find . I highly recommend him as I have received reflexology massages as well as accupressure massages several times. I suggest people try it who want to feel more healthy and relaxed. It makes a big difference!
Ingrid V
My personal experience Very relaxing, great atmosphere, time flew. What a wonderful experience. Thank you Ted!
Not what I was expecting - it was better! Having experienced years of chronic muscle pain and spasm, I went in with a groupon thinking I would get treated to the classic low-lights, wind instruments and water sounds in the background while some anonymous person came and rubbed my nearly bare body with warm oils and towels. Nothing more, nothing less. I was very pleasently surprised by the great conversation, the fact that I only had to take off my shoes, and that by "massage", what Ted meant was bodyWORK. Massaging and stretching life back into those hardened and dead knots of muscle. I'm still not entirely sure what "modalities" he used, but I do know that they worked, and that I'll be making an appointment to come see him again real soon.
James M
Recommend If you appreciate wellness than you will enjoy Ted's practice. He has many years of experience, a plethora of massage styles and seeks to provide excellent customer service.
Reflexology Enjoyed my reflexology and massage session with Ted. Will definitely be going back.
Shelly B
Reflexology I went to Ted for the first time recently for a reflexology appointment to see what it was all about. He was very thorough, explained everything and made me feel at ease from the moment I walked in. He also gave me some very helpful suggestions about some other general health issues we discussed and shared with me some of his own experiences. The building itself is a very historic, lovely place with great lighting and comfortable seating. The room he works in is very warm and toasty. I will definitely go back to try out his other massage techniques, etc.
Reflexology and Accupressure Massage sessions I have had 3 massage sessions with Ted Schiff and they were all really good. I felt comfortable in the room and the massage pressure and various techniques were wonderful.Very helpful for stress reduction and increased flexibility.
Ashlee O
Reflexology Review I had the reflexology done and was a first time customer. I am not new to the massage therapy world and would get them somewhat regularly. This by far was amazing. It was not performed under a drape in my underwear, I was fully clothed and completely comfortable with Ted. He explained everything he did. He definitely has my series again! Referring family and friends as well!
Christine H
Reflexology visit was very relaxing I bought a groupon for a reflexology visit with Ted, and it was a very relaxing 50 minutes. Ted really cares about his clients and is trained in various things. This was my first visit with him and he really worked my feet, and I felt it in various parts of my body. Felt really good at the end of the visit.
Ryan F
Sensational Massage Very comforting environment to receive a impromptu full body awakening. Very pleasant experience and I look forward to my next appointment.
Ingrid V
Teacher Great experience,and great feeling afterwards.
Karen C
Ted is amazing He knows so much about different kinds of bodywork and customized a mixed approach that's best for me. I feel great.
David G
Ted is Awesome! Ted Schiff is a top flight massage therapist! He brings several different modalities to bear in each session, which assists the body in releasing tension and helps injured muscles to heal. I always feel great after my sessions. Thank you
Margaret M
Ted is great! I've been to see Ted twice now for body work. He's a very good listener and seems to know how to turn the information that I tell him into practice to help me feel better. I'll be back.
Ted is very knowledgable and knows many techniques. Ted did great body work and gave me significantly more range of motion. I was compromising posture and Range of motion before seeing him and he was able to evaluate both and place attention on certain areas. I recommend Ted for any possible injury that anyone might have.
Jason G
Ted Knows best! I went to see Ted last week for body work after feeling tight and just out of whack all over. He knows exactly what he's doing and most importantly he knows what his patients are looking for in a quality session. From stretching to trigger points and reflexology he knew where the pain was coming from and how to relax tight constricted musculature.
Terry Ann Hoog
Ted Schiff I visited Ted and he is a very talented acupressurist. He hit all the right spots and I felt totally comfortable with him. He is excellent and really put me at ease.
Terry H
Ted Schiff Valley Massage Therapy Ted is very professional. The reflexology footwork is very relaxing and you come away feeling great.
Alain H
Ted's Terrific! Ted has been my massage therapist for this past year. He's a great listener, open to feedback, and comes to the table equipped as a skilled pro in many massage methodologies. If you're looking for someone to develop a real bodywork relationship with, I strongly recommend Ted Schiff.
Amy D
The best massage I have ever had! More than worth the time!
Mandy D
thx Always does a great job! Only person I've been to that actually helps and makes a difference! Very knowledgeable of many different types of massage and what works best! Looking forward to my next visit!
Abdullah O
Unique professional massage He is very skillful and knowledgeable nice gentleman with the highest standard of professionalism. His personal/social characteristics are peerless.
Judy Z
Valley Massage Always feel better following a session with Ted ! Sore hip was greatly improved with the work done.
Judy Z
Valley Massage Always feel better after visiting Valley Massage. The variety of modalities offered is amazing !!
Judy Z
Valley Massage Always feel wonderful after a visit to Ted. He is a knowlegable, gentle practitioner.
JoAnn R
Valley Massage You have to go see this professional. He is truly committed to restoring your muscles to reach the potential inside. Try the "cupping" technique as part of your massage. It provides a deep tissue reach that I have not had through massage alone.
Judy Z
Valley Massage Always feel better after a wonderful 90 minute combination of massage; reflexology and cupping. Wonderful to enjoy Ted's expertise.
Beth A
Very responsive Ted is very experienced in lots of types of massage and tailors his massage to each clients needs. Highly recommended.
Renata P
Wonderful! Great massage and inspiring conversation! Left feeling uplifted and energized.
Susan H
Wonderful! Wonderful work done by Ted! I felt so much better afterward! I Can hardly wait for the next session!! :)
Ruth B
Reflexology session, including Shiatsu, Thai Massage, Lymphatic Stimulation, and Hand Massage. I found every element of my session relaxing, stimulating, invigorating and refreshing. Ted gave an in depth explanation of every activity, it's purpose and part of the body affected. He left me tingling, invigorated, and assured of improved health in all areas of my body.
Great Massage The massage felt really good on my back and was really relaxing. I will definitely be visiting Ted again!
Judy Z
Ted at Valley Massage Therapy Have enjoyed my treatments thoroughly and became a regular customer!
Reflexology The massaging of my feet felt amazing. I had three sessions and my feet feel so much better. I highly recommend Ted.
Melinda C
GREAT GROUPON Using my groupon was a great way to check this out...reflexology...awesome, had a better run today as the result of the footwork yesterday
Ruth B
Reflexology I had an invigorating massage and reflexology session. Afterwards, I felt exceptional strength and vitality.
Judy Z
Bodywork session I always feel better after visiting Valley Massage and find the service really awesome :)
Morgan H
Excellent service provided. A master My feet never felt better. Even went over areas that have been injured and gave helpful advice.
Massage Therapy I have been to Ted Schiff several times and I believe he is one of the best in his field. He really cares about you as a person, he makes you feel comfortable with the whole physical aspect of body image etc. And, he is one of the only ones who does reflexology as part of the session; this is extraordinary. I drive 150 miles, round trip each month to see him-- it is a gift to myself and well worth it.
Ruth B
massage Ted's massage left me invigorated as always. My thighs ached, however, and when I told Ted, he said I needed fluids. I took fluids and voila! The aches vanished!
He's Great! I only went for reflexology and it was superb. I will go back, he's great!
Caring Treatment Caring Treatment.
Joyce M
Reflexology and massage Yes,Groupon allowed me the chance to experience the well-honed skills of Ted,Reflexologist and Massage Therapist.What an education ! AND my body said "thank you"! Highly recommend everyone to visit Ted!
I'll be back "I'll be back!" Groupon Happy Customer
He was Great! "I only went for reflexology and it was superb. I will go back, he's great!" Groupon Happy Customer.
Dina F
Reflexology Sessions Ted is caring, skilled, and client-centered, taking the time to explain the procedure and benefits of reflexology. I would recommend him to others seeking this modality.
Michael A
Ted is a true professional This was my first experience with Ted and it gave me new insight into what a massage is all about. Instead of wanting to go to sleep afterwards I was energenic and felt great. I would differentiate Ted from others because he is truly a therapist and understands the anatomy of the human body and how his manimpulations affect it.
Denise K
Reflexology My reflexology appointment with Ted was fantastic! He knows what he is doing and clearly cares about his clients. I would highly recommend!
Steve B
Steve Bernstein I have been struggling with osteoarthritis from injuries, daily aches and pains from athletics and last but certainly not least, the physical wear and tear from being a plumber for over forty years. Needless to say, I am no spring chicken. I have been using alternative therapies successfully for years and it is not until the last two years that I have found the highest quality, best delivery, most compassionate approach and broadest array of talent with the art of massage as I have with Ted Schiff. Ted is not only the kindest and most humane of men, he is also highly skilled and will bend over backwards listening to your needs and finding just the right application of massage coupled with all of his other disciplines to truly address your personal bodywork needs. I now have taken his advice and consistently use his services, as it has proven to be my ticket to physical comfort, dramatic pain reduction and peace of mind and body. Thank you Ted, from the bottom of my heart. Steve Bernstein Granby, MA