<div class="fs-review-summary"><div class="fs-rating-summary"><span class="fs-rating-component">Rated&nbsp;</span><div class='fs-rating-component fs-stars rating'> <div class='value-title' title='5.0' style='width: 99%'></div> <meta itemprop="rating" content="5.0"/> </div> <span class="rating component">&nbsp;based on <span itemprop="votes" class="votes">190</span> ratings</span> </div> <div class='fs-featured-reviews'><div class='fs-featured-review fs-active'> <h3 class='fs-title'><a href='/reviews/?view=bare#post1089'>Wonderful work!</a></h3> <p class='fs-body'>Ted did an amazing job making me feel comfortable, checking in with me and making sure my needs were being met, and really giving my body the work that...</p> </div> <div class='fs-featured-review'> <h3 class='fs-title'><a href='/reviews/?view=bare#post868'>Incredible Massage!</a></h3> <p class='fs-body'>Ted is a magnificent practitioner of therapeutic massage! I generally don’t write Yelp reviews, although I find them incredibly helpful, and since my massage...</p> </div> <div class='fs-featured-review'> <h3 class='fs-title'><a href='/reviews/?view=bare#post963'>1st timer</a></h3> <p class='fs-body'>Ted is a master. I had never had a non-swedish/relaxation type of massage but he opened me up to a whole new world of what massage can be. He used an array...</p> </div> <div class='fs-featured-review'> <h3 class='fs-title'><a href='/reviews/?view=bare#post919'>Miracle worker</a></h3> <p class='fs-body'>Ted is amazing! He is the only person who has been able to help me with my chronic headaches and neck and back issues. Recently purchased a rumble roller...</p> </div> <div class='fs-featured-review'> <h3 class='fs-title'><a href='/reviews/?view=bare#post969'>True meaning of bodywork</a></h3> <p class='fs-body'>I have had two sessions with Ted so far and am blown away! The first session began with a verbal intake of my current health situation &amp; needs. I knew...</p> </div> <div class='fs-featured-review'> <h3 class='fs-title'><a href='/reviews/?view=bare#post859'>Wonderful Experience</a></h3> <p class='fs-body'>I have suffered from muscle tension and knots in my neck, back, and shoulders since October. I went in for a massage but was open to try whatever might...</p> </div> <div class='fs-featured-review'> <h3 class='fs-title'><a href='/reviews/?view=bare#post844'>Best Bodywork ever at Valley Massage Therapy!</a></h3> <p class='fs-body'>I have been seeing Ted Schiff for about 6 weeks for spasmodic back pain. I had gone to the ER and seen another Dr and was prescribed pain killers and relaxers...</p> </div> <div class='fs-featured-review'> <h3 class='fs-title'><a href='/reviews/?view=bare#post848'>Just what I needed</a></h3> <p class='fs-body'>After feeling tightness through my back hips and through my legs I was over do for receiving bodywork. Ted is very intuitive, and more experienced than...</p> </div> <div class='fs-featured-review'> <h3 class='fs-title'><a href='/reviews/?view=bare#post836'>Bodywork tailored to your body.</a></h3> <p class='fs-body'>Ted started my initial visit by talking to me for 5-10 minutes about what sort of muscle issues I had going on. I really got the impression that he was...</p> </div> <div class='fs-featured-review'> <h3 class='fs-title'><a href='/reviews/?view=bare#post794'>Relief</a></h3> <p class='fs-body'>I had been in severe back pain, seen 2 physicians with very different approaches. I was refered to Ted by a good friend. I was given reflexology and acupressure...</p> </div> <div class='fs-featured-review'> <h3 class='fs-title'><a href='/reviews/?view=bare#post377'>Steve Bernstein</a></h3> <p class='fs-body'>I have been struggling with osteoarthritis from injuries, daily aches and pains from athletics and last but certainly not least, the physical wear and...</p> </div> </div><a href='/reviews/?view=bare' class='fs-more-reviews'>More reviews</a></div>